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Indian Creek Ranch needs your photos!

Would love to start posting more ICR game photos! If you have something interesting that you would like to share, please email to

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Happy Hunting,
Philip Nelson

Ranch Items for sale – Gates and Tank!

1. two 5 by 9 foot gates …… $ 20 each
2. ¾ ton pickup bed trailer with 500 gallon tank $75

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Indian Creek Bowhunting Journal – Episode 5

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Indian Creek Bowhunting Journal – Episode 2

Indian Creek Bowhunting Journal – Episode 1

Indian Creek Ranch – Q2 2013 Newsletter is now ready!

Indian Creek Ranch 2Q2013

It’s Newsletter time!

Just posted the latest edition of the Indian Creek Ranch newsletter! Check it out!

Indian Creek Ranch 1Q2012 – May 1

Time to submit your 1-d-1 for 2011

Dear ICR Landowners,


I hope you have all had a safe and successful hunting season. If you haven’t already, please submit your harvest information to Randy Wood. This information is extremely useful in our overall Management Plan for the ranch. You can also send the information to me and I will make sure Randy gets it.


As an Edwards County landowner, you should have received by now a letter from the Edwards County Appraisal District (ECAD)on the requirement to submit your Annual 1-D-1 Wildlife Report form to them by January 31, 2012. In addition to the report, they are requesting “supporting documentation of the management practices you have used over the last year.” Failure to submit the report  could cause denial of the special valuation.


The guidelines they will use to assess the annual reports are available on the following website (provided by ECAD):Http://  (click on the Edwards County and Cross Timbers &Prairies region)

Appendix A contains the Guidelines they will use, and Appendix U contains the Wildlife Management Plan and 1-D-1 Annual Report forms.


As in years past, documentation is the key to success when you are submitting your annual report.


Best Regards,


Mike Hoffman


Indian Creek Landowners Association

Indian Creek Ranch Newsletter – November

We just added the newsletter for Q3 2011! Check it out! You won’t be disappointed by the opening photo!


Indian Creek Ranch 3Q2011 – Nov 11